About Ofbos

In the contemporary world, people are aware of the importance of psychophysical wellbeing and the opportunities to play sports or start a physical activity such as: Running, spinning, yoga, gym, boxing, MMA (mixed martial art) or simple daily walking are the best ways to fight sedentary and start having an active and healthy lifestyle.

To make sure that the training is comfortable and safe, you need comfortable and good quality sportswear and clothing. Hence OFBOS, an Italian Brand that distributes and produces high-quality sportswear and accessories with special and hypoallergenic fabrics. All our products are created with the best materials and with great attention to comfort and wearability.

OFBOS, although born recently, draws its roots from the tradition of the textile and leather goods sector of the northern Teramo industrial district. This territory possesses the productive inclinations typical of the enterprise system, made in Italy, the backbone of our economy.

The vocation in the textile field seems to have distant roots. The historian Pliny the Elder wrote that

in this territory it was known for its craftsmen and its decorators. They were very skilled in the processing of the purpura, that is fabrics dyed of purple red and in the working of the skins.

OFBOS sells products for men, women, and children. Despite being a young sports brand, it takes care of the most important sports and fitness categories. Starting with neoprene items such as slimming bands, slimming shorts that help burn off excess fat. Ofbos design unit taking advantage of the experience gained on the territory works to create new designs on all categories: Gym, Swimming, Soccer, Basketball, Running, Jogging, Yoga, Cycling, Motorcycles, Bags, and backpacks.

Ofbos.com is an online shopping platform in the world of Sport & Fitness. We offer our customers the opportunity to have a new image of fitness wear, to meet the needs of those who play sports professionally or who do it to stay fit for fun.

Our mission is the complete satisfaction of the customer and we want to create a shopping experience, without stress, without queues at the cash desks and to save time to devote to the things you love! Having at heart the needs of our customers, knowing that our articles are of the highest quality we give the universal guarantee of "satisfied or reimbursed" with free deliveries throughout Italy.

Our showcase of sportswear includes the following products; Tracksuit, Sweatshirt, T-shirt, Leggings, technical clothing for different sports, team uniforms such as soccer or ball. All our garments are made with fabrics designed specifically for intense sports activities, which make exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.

Our customer service team is specialized in solving shipping issues, choosing the right product or giving advice on ordering the product that suits you. We are always present by phone, chat or email to answer any questions. Our staff is made up of people and not robotic telephone answering machines.

We are present on the Italian territory that allows users to quickly receive the ordered product. In addition to the purchase or selection of products in the catalog, there is the possibility of ordering products tailored and customized for you. And simple, call our staff and a designer/technician will be at your disposal for the creation of your favorite design.